Innovision, s.r.o. - Bratislava/Slovakia

Let's innovate

The technology company that brings inovations you deserve. We have an experience in the field of corporate environment as well as in the field of small startups. If you want to bring your company/department closer to the actual or even future trends don't hessitate to contact us.

Stay tuned for more. ;) In the meantime just read our technologies, concepts and services and find what is interesting for you - then give us a call

Our philosophy

We believe in OpenSource and our solutions are mostly build on OpenSource products as we believe that many times it is better to use something that has already been done than creating it from scratch. Therefore we closely examinate trends and standards to guarantee that our architectures and solutions will be usefull, viable and modern and our customer will be satisfied both in terms of features and in price. Our preferred architecture style is Microservice architecture.

What can we offer

We offer wide range of services - from creating modern enterprise architectures throught consultancy services to custom solutions. On the other hand we provide services in the field of application architecture throught integration patterns to modern on premise cloud infrastructure architecture. Our specialisation is also Security across every aspect of our offering from Application Security (AAA) to Infrastructure Security (SELinux, Docker Container Security). We have designed and realised security architecture that realised multi-company sharing of user logins and roles.



Fields of expertise


For your company we can offer:

Docker hosting and Web Hosting

We can even help you host your Docker instances and provide basic services in the field of Web Hosting with Let's Encrypt certificates. We can provide for you: